Volumetric Buildings - Boyton-BRJ

Boyton-BRJ volumetric buildings are a system of cost effective, factory built modules designed to produce a quality temporary or permanent building at a price to suit individual budgets.

Units can clear span up to twelve metres, and be placed side by side or end to end to form an open plan area which can be easily divided to suit a particular layout, and are available as either single or double storey. Above all, these units are adaptable and can be configured to meet client needs. These buildings can be easily extended, refurbished or relocated as circumstances change, and can be used for a variety of applications such as classrooms, offices, pavilions, meeting places or for healthcare purposes.

Volumetric units can be clad with a range of products including textured painted plywood, aggregate faced g.r.p boarding, colourcoat steel, timber boarding or even traditional bricks. They can be fitted with a number of roof options, and clad with hypalon single ply membrane sheeting, high performance felt, decra tile or traditional tiling or slating.

All units are delivered to site completed as far as practically possible with all electrical and mechanical installations included. As all units are factory produced, on-site times are greatly reduced, negating weather problems.

All internal and external finishes are fully adaptable and can be tailored to suit particular client requirements and budgets.

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